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CBRNE Tech Index - "Detection Unveiled"

CBRNE Tech Index is an independent, unbiased, and reliable database that reports on CBRNE detection and analysis products. Our goal is make this information easily accessible and searchable for people all over the world. CBRNE Tech Index is a strategic business unit within MRIGlobal and is co-located in our headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

Why use the CBRNE Tech Index?

CBRNE Tech Index was spawned out of the desire to share one of MRIGlobal's core competencies with the world. For over a decade we have been a trusted source for both government and commercial clients to report on the verifiable metrics of CBRNE detection equipment. MRIGlobal believes deeply in providing this trusted service to both manufacturers and users. We aim to provide a venue for manufacturers to display their products where the world can view, search, compare, and assess them to determine which product best suits their operational or tactical needs. CBRNE Tech Index is the most trusted source for independent, unbiased, and reliable reporting on CBRNE detection and analysis products.

How to use the CBRNE Tech Index

Video link forthcoming.

About MRIGlobal

MRIGlobal is an independent, not-for-profit organization that performs contract research for government, industry, and academia. Founded in 1944, MRIGlobal has a reputation for innovation, technical excellence, and problem solving. Today, as one of the Nation's leading research institutes, MRIGlobal conducts programs in the areas of national security and defense, global health and security, and energy. In addition to operating its own laboratories, MRIGlobal manages and operates laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). For more information on MRIGlobal, please visit our website: www.mriglobal.org

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